Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dont Care, Dont Breathe

This old song has always been my favorite, I don't know why, but I guess it's because I never knew I could wrote some thing like this. The progression from the reggae-like groove to the hard distortion-ed chorus never fail to bring up that ol' shiver down my spine. Enjoy!

Friday, March 4, 2011

The story of a Super-fine Day

So one day me and my friend went to this automobile exhibition downtown, it was kinda long time ago, my friend and I like to go to exhibitions, expos and stuff like that. We like to see the new technology, gadgets and stuff being exhibited there, apart from the sales promotion girls.
Anyway, the reason I went there is because this girl I know was working there, never mind what she was working as, I somehow found out that she was working there, at the exhibition, where she usually works, now you make a good guess as to what she was working as at the exhibition.

So I resolve to ask her about the exhibition and the conditions she was working at there, so I can plan her a surprise visit. Against all my expectations she didn't just gave me "enough" information, she gave me the whole rundown and full schedule of her current job, such as what day of the week she's working, what time her shift starts and when it ends, which days had short shift and which days had long shift, it almost seemed like she wanted me to pay her a surprise visit, like what happened on Christmas day a year before the exhibition, but that's another story.

I was thinking about when would be a great time to go there when my friend said lets go before Saturday, like when we always went to those exhibitions, and so we went!
It was afternoon when we arrived at the exhibition, I did not go straight to her, instead, me and my friend enjoyed going around the whole exhibition first before meeting her. After about an hour or less circling the whole exhibition arena I decided it was time to meet the fair princess, as a matter of fact her "workstation" is in the center of the arena, it was a well known brand of car that she was promoting. There she was, standing gracefully, oh so beautiful, she made the car look good than it actually is.

I didn't pop up right in front of her and surprise her, I took my time watching her from a distance, it was definitely the reason that made that day classifies as a super-fine day. There were so may beautiful girls that noon, and yet she was the one that stands out. Her white dress, long hair, that pale white skin, her eyes. dammit, it killed me just by looking at those things.
That few minutes I took looking at her felt like hours, it true what they said in the theory of time perception that time stands still when you are at the present of a beautiful woman. After a few minutes pass, as I still gaze in awe from her beauty, I noticed that she noticed that I was looking at her from a distant. She waved at me and repeatedly made a gesture suggesting that I should come to her, and with my stupid looks, as I was still in awe, I walk towards her. As she smiled, she looked right through me. It was a smile that could rise a sunken ship, if you ask me. We said hi, talked about the little things and the everything and occasionally she pretended that she was explaining the features of the car to me, and then we talk some more.

I don't remember the actual duration of the event of me talking with her, I mean who would? time flies when you're having fun. So all of the sudden my friend told me that we should be leaving, I did not remember the reason why we should leave because all I can think of is that I didn't want it to end! and in my own perception, she didn't want me to leave so soon also, because she kept telling me how it was going to be a lot more 'cooler' later on that evening, there was a DJ and some percussion players playing that night and she told me that with a certain look in her eyes. I still don't know if it was just me, or was she really giving me the "please don't leave me here" look and I assume it was not just me. And again, with my stupid look, this time not caused by an awe, I told her that I must be leaving, sorry I cannot stay longer, that kind of stuff. She said, okay and it was time for break also, so I went to my friend as she left her stand to have dinner, which today I realize if that day I was SMARTER, it would have been a dinner with me.
Me and my friend went back to the car and as we drove away, I thought about banging my head to the dashboard of my friend's car and how stupid I was for leaving her a couple of times, but mostly I was thinking about how beautiful she was.

That day could have ended up as The Greatest Day, and yet, being the lame ass that I was, it did not. Instead it was a fine day, NO! a Super-fine Day. Hence the song :)

Here is the lyric to the song

Stop this feeling now
Because I'm running out of life
Would you hold it until I find
A better way to the sky

I'm hoping, yes, I'm hoping

Truth is but a home to a liar like myself
In a cold, cold day you'd be a place to stay

Now I'm holding
As I am older it's unfolding
But the days went by so soon

It was a super-fine day
Until I gotta leave it there
I found that time was the enemy
It was a beautiful day
Until I have to leave you there
I found that time was my enemy

Home, could I take you home?
Home, where the truth be found
Hordes and hordes of men came by
Be I the one to take you home

Could have been super-fine night
But I have to leave you there
How so that time was the enemy?
It was a super-fine day
Until I have to leave you there
How so that time was the enemy?

Here I stand, afraid to find no space
Inside of you for me

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The strange and a way to keep it strange

Strange is really the word that explains this whole week.. Really make so much sense when that word is being introduced this week. The good, the bad, the full and the half empty is actually mixed into one big feeling, one which I cannot name.
I cannot name the feeling because I cannot identify it with anything, nothing that I have processed in my mind has ever conjure something this "strange". Or maybe it is just a stop and go kind of felling, something that is here today and gone the next day, I surely hope it is that kind.
Well that picture sure isn't was taken from one in a few, well less that a few, night that I could categorize as "special" (in some ways). I actually have a more "straight to the point" type of picture but i just don't think it is fun to be fully open when I can move things in a more subtle way.
I just put a picture that drag my mind far away from the point of which this blog post was supposed to be, now I am just typing gibberish! :D and at this point I really do not want to go back to writing about the strange ways of the week, thanks to that image now I can see clearly in my mind how that face smiled as snapshots by snapshots are made as the hour progressed, how that small hand pulls the hair across the forehead so it covered the face and make me cease my impromptu photo session, but being the stubborn that I am I keep taking pictures, and those small hands move again to cover the face from my camera.. As it appeared that the snapshots are not welcomed, I see a little smile beneath two glimmering eyes. And that, my friend, made me a happy man, even only for one night.

Because the other nights are just as empty as that plate.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Make Sense

Do you feel like what I feel
When I see through both your eyes
And Camera smile
I caught a glimpse of your face today

Kinda freaked out when I noticed
You were looking back at me
And we were looking at each other's eyes
For that second I am moving like a Roller coaster

How can I make sense in all
And how can I make sense at all
How can I make darkness fall
Now I love you

I let it rain down
Let it pour down over me
Wash my fear and let it stream down to the sea
I am in here, my love

How can I make sense in all
And how can I make sense at all
How can I be ten feet tall
Cause I need you

How else can I make you call
Must I see through crystal ball
How can I make sense at all
Now I love.. I love you

The Unfinished Song

I want to see you
I want to see your smile
I want to read all that
Your eyes can say

Figure out things before
All is said and done
And maybe I'll add some color
To the way things went

I do believe that it's the thing
That you never said, that you never
But I guess it's all in how you make me feel
It's real, I can't believe it's you

I want to ask about the weather
And what's going on your life
I want to sing just for you

I do believe that all the things
That you never said comes around
You know what to do to make me feel like this
So real, I can't believe it's you

So glad to know that this wrong is so right
It's the kind of thing that makes the world go around
Kind of thing that makes me feel so alive

Glad to know it's all alright
Boy, you make me spin around and round
Waiting for the day you make it mine
(waiting for the day I make you mine)

I want to be next to you
I want to be here.